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News Roundup: FlatOut Rocket Slime

by: Randy -
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  • .hack//GU for the PS2 gets a preview and some Q&A action from .killer//BETTIES.  [KB]
  • They also sludge together a review for Dragon Quest Heroes: Rocket Slime for the Nintendo DS.
  • Okay, maybe this interview could be with you.  Stray Bullet Games (Shadowbane) is looking for a gameplay programmer.  Click here to see if you've got the C++ skills to make it happen. [SBG]
  • FlatOut 2 gets a full-on review from those Atomic Gamers. [AG]
  • Here's a ten ton interview with Elisabeth Grey from the EverQuest II camp, waxing fantastic on Echoes of Faydwer.
  • Gamers Info puts two kid-friendly reviews together from Disney's Games Cafe:  Disoku Master, and Kim Possible: Legend of the Monkey's Eye. [GI]
  • ...And two not-so-kid-friendly reviews for Saint's Row and Dead Rising. [GI]
  • Gaming Illustrated pole positions a review of NASCAR 07.
  • The 2-D sidescroller, Garfield and His Nine Lives, is in review over at Atomic Gamer. [AG]
Trailers.  Okay, marathon post:
And a Civilization IV Demo for the ...
Thanks to Atomic Gamer, Killer Betties, Stray Bullet Games, Ten Ton Hammer, Gamers Info, and Gaming Illustrated for the links.