Columbus, OH. game store to hold Dr. Mario tournament

by: Russell -
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Anyone who knows me knows I'm a fan of the classics.  Right now, my NES and SNES are hooked up to my 32" LCD and ready to go if I feel the urge for some classic 8-bit or 16-bit gaming.  This is a good thing, because I just found out that Super Game Team, a game store in Columbus, OH., is holding a Dr. Mario tournament on May 19th from 3pm until close.  The entry fee is $5, players will start on level 5 (no speed was given, so I'm guessing it's player's choice), and 120% of the entry fees will be given as prizes in the form of store credit.  I'm planning on being there, as I've been a huge Dr. Mario fanatic for years.

For more info, check out Super Game Team's official website.