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Pets and charge bar revealed for Torchlight II

by: Travis -
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Runic Games has revealed new details concerning the pets and charge bar in the upcoming hack and slash role-playing game Torchlight II. In comparison with the relatively small number of pets in the first game, the sequel will include a wealth of options ranging from ferrets to hawks. As in the original Torchlight, pets will return to offer their support in battles and an extra inventory for storing piles of loot. The full range of pets and additional details can be found on the game's official blog.

The other revealed feature for Torchlight II is the inclusion of a charge bar mechanic for battle. As characters damage enemies, their charge bar will accumulate power to offer an advantage in encounters. If not in combat, the bar will lose its charge. A fully charged bar for each of the four classes will result in different special attacks, such as brutal critical hits and trance-like states of magical destruction.

Torchlight II will be available in 2012 for Windows PC and Mac.