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There's been a possible GTA V release date sighting

by: Nathaniel -
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Much like the elusive Yeti or his North American cousin the Sasquatch, big games make it very hard to nail down evidence of a potential release date in the absence of an official statement, and what we have here may be the Roger Patterson footage of rumored release dates.

According to Gamesradar.com, it was posted online as part of Rockstar North character animator Alex O'Dwyer's resume (which has since been taken down).  The alleged release date in said resume for  Grand Theft Auto V is October 2012.

That's only six months away, and it seems unlikely to me that it would get this close without Rockstar making some sort of official announcement.  And if I remember correctly, when they officially announced GTA IV's release date, it was, at the time, only six months away; of course, it didn't stick and I don't think anyone really believed it was going to make that date anyway.  Whether that has any bearing on this, however, remains to be seen.

We will, of course, keep you informed of any further developments, gossip, or rumors we come across.

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