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RUMOR: Wii U will cost at least $300

by: John -
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We probably won't get a price confirmation from Nintendo until E3, but rumors are coming out that we should expect the Wii U to be no less than $300. This according to a source talking to Forget the Box.

The source goes on to say that there are about $180 in materials that goes into the making of the unit. There are $50 in parts for the controller itself. $300 may seem like a lot, but you have to factor in other costs such as R&D, manufacturing, packaging, advertising, etc..etc..

I have a hard time seeing the console selling at $300. For all my circle of friends and colleagues, I haven't heard of one that expressed any interest in the unit. Of course, the public might eat it up like they did the Wii, but we won't know until it gets released sometime this year.

So if the pricing is at $300 or so, will you be picking up a Wii U?

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