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Next round of "Xbox 720" rumors

by: Nathaniel -
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Early last month we told you about the possibility that Microsoft's next console might be "download only" meaning those without high speed Internet connections were going to be left out in the cold.  Well today's rumor states that the next Xbox will be out in time for Christmas of 2013, will feature Blu-ray technology, contain two GPUs, and have Kinect 2.0 built in.

All that sounds cool, right?  I know it does.  Do you want to know what doesn't sound cool?  It's the rumor that the "Xbox 720" will require a constant Internet connection just to play.  Why, you ask?  Piracy.  Because of course it's to combat piracy.  I can think of another great way for Microsoft to combat piracy; all they have to do is continue down this road and no one will want, or even be able, to use their new console, then hopefully the pirates will focus on another system altogether. 

So just imagine when you sit down to play your shiny new console that you got for Christmas two years from now only to find out that an ice storm knocked out power at whatever cable company building is crucial to the continued existence and health of your Internet connection. 

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