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Anomaly Warzone Earth debuting April 6 on XBLA

by: Travis -
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11 bit studios originally designed Anomaly Warzone Earth for gameplay on consoles before its release on PC. In their process of bringing the game to the Xbox 360, they began testing to discover the best controller for the experience. The video attached below contains footage from the various controller tests that led to failed and disastrous results. This short live-action trailer has been one of the best trailers for a game in awhile containing a nice mix of gameplay footage and completely irrelevant imagery.

Anomaly Warzone Earth will be launching on April 6 for Xbox Live Arcade with a price of 800 Microsoft Points or $10. The gameplay incorporates elements of action, strategy, and tower defense into a game that has been well-received on both Windows PC and Mac.

Anomaly Warzone Earth for XBLA Gets Release Date, Awesome Live-Action Video
11 bit studios’ Award-Winning Tower Offense Title Comes to XBLA on April 6; Developers Star in Humorous – and Highly Educational – Video Documenting the Search for the Perfect Controller

Release Date and Pricing Revealed
After winning a bunch of awards – like the prestigious Apple Design Award and Runner-Up for Game of the Year on the Mac App Store – the team at 11 bit studios is just about ready to unleash its action-strategy-reverse-tower-defense hit, Anomaly Warzone Earth, on Xbox Live Arcade. The game’s release date has been unveiled as April 6, and it’ll be available for just 800 MS Points (or $10ish). For the price of a couple of boring cheeseburgers, you could be eating delicious aliens for lunch – after you blast their towers to bits with your squad.

Documentary Video Released
Despite the game’s success on other platforms, it’s interesting to note that the team originally planned the game for consoles. The team documented its top-secret research in an equally top-secret scientific facility thingy, and put together a video about the process of finding the perfect controller for Anomaly Warzone Earth.