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Kotaku posts some interesting rumors about the next PlayStation

by: John -
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While we may not get any word on the next PlayStation at  this year's E3, Kotaku has some info from one of their supposedly reliable sources. Now bear in mind, all this is just a rumor so anything can and will probably change.

First off, the console's going to be using AMD GPU and CPU, which is in line with what I've heard from various folks. You can look for a GPU capable of resolutions up to 4096x2160. For those interested in 3D, 1080P 3D should be capable now with ease.

Let's talk a little about backwards compatibility. This is an issue that is important to some, but not so to others. Now, I'm one of the folks that would like it in the machine for those games I get not too long before I move onto the next console. Rather than having two machines hooked up, it would be nice to just have one and play from there. It sounds like you can pretty much count that out of the equation though as Sony looks to just not even feature that. Now, to me it's not that big of a deal given that I've gone through 30+ years of consoles starting with the Atari 2600 and backwards compatibility wasn't a really touted feature until a generation ago.

Now comes one that will surely cause an uproar. Just like rumors of the next Xbox, rumors are that the next PlayStation is going to lock out used games. The Blu-Ray will be locked to a single PlayStation 4 console or you can download the full game. Also, you need to be online to register the game, so I'm guessing you can be offline once that procedure is done. You can still trade in the disc, but those buying it will only get something of a trial game. Yeah, say hello to $1 trade ins on games the day of release to Gamestop.

Yikes. That sounds like a big can of worms being opened up if it's true. Now, I'm not a big used game person myself, but I can see where this is going to hit a lot of people hard.

So will any of this pan out when the new console is announced? Time will tell, but it's sure something to ponder as we wait for the next piece of hardware to come out from Sony.