Max Payne 3 Twitter winners announced

by: Sean Colleli -
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Back in January Rockstar started a contest that would put eight lucky Twitter users into Max Payne 3. Well the contest has ended and the winners have been immortalized in the game's multiplayer. Below is a list of the winners, and some screenshots of their shiny new avatars bullet-timing their way through a multi match.

- Harald Fraenkel (@HaraldFraenkel) from Germany
- Radio DJ Dave Wheeler (@Wheelerj28) from Winnipeg, Canada
- Alexis "Lou" (@Alexisssx3) from Southern California
- Elvis (@ElvisMarques) from Brazil
- Artist Shohei (@hakuchitare) from Japan
- Hamish (@SilentHamish) from Australia
- Jaclyn (@jaclynejimenez) from NYC
- Nick (@TwisBeats) from London