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Kinect for Windows 1.5 updates coming in May

by: John -
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So you've had Kinect for a bit and are looking forward to some new and exciting things, eh? Well, come May there are few updates that will be brought forth.

Nineteen more countries will be getting access to Kinect between the months of May and June. That means a whole boat load of new developers will be able to take advantage of the Microsoft camera system.

Along with the new countries comes new langauge support. Four to be exact: Japanese, French, Italian, and Spanish. Different regions speaking a supported language will get some support as well such as English/Great Britian, English/Australian, English/New Zealand and so forth.

Some of the games on the 360 allow you to record and playback the action that happens. You'll be able to access that come May.

Finally, 10-joint skeletal tracking including the neck, head, and arms will be available. What this means is this will provide greater support for those that are seated, something which the 360's had issues with in the past.

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