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Good Old Games relaunches with indie titles as GOG.com

by: Travis -
More On: Darwinia Gog.com Trine The Whispered World Machinarium Legend of Grimock Spacechem
Good Old Games has gone through a transformation and will now ditch its previous title in favor of the sleeker GOG.com. Described as being "Bigger, Fresher, and Newer," the new GOG.com will feature newer indie game releases among its library of 400 plus digital titles. The launch selection of indie games include Trine, The Whispered World, and pre-orders for Legend of Grimlock. In addition, over twenty other newer games will also be joining the collection in the near future including Darwinia, Spacechem, and Machinarium: Collector's Edition. The newly announced pre-order for Legend of Grimlock is available at $11.99, 20% off the full retail price of $14.99. The game will bundle with wallpapers, concept art, and more on its release of April 11.

No matter the name change, GOG.com still offers a wide selection of DRM-free games with consistent regional pricing. Visit GOG.com to browse the selection of good old and now indie games.