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Could Bethesda be readying Elder Scrolls Online?

by: John -
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At least that's what Tom's Guide, a sub site of Tom's Hardware is saying. Sources have told Tom's that Bethesda will announce this little tidbit of news in May and that it will be Elder Scrolls Online.
The time line is expected to be several hundred years before any Elder Scrolls game. Rumor is three factions will be available for you to play. Other than that, not much else is known.
Elder Scrolls Online would be an interesting venture for Bethesda. I, personally, was hoping for something in the Fallout universe, but that's just me.
We should know in a few short months whether this comes to fruition. If so, I bet we'll see a good showing at this year's E3. With World of Warcraft starting to lose some players, perhaps the time is right for a company like Bethesda to deliver a new MMO. I wonder if they'll go with the free to play model or a mandatory subscription model.
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