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Steam Midweek Madness: Orcs and Noire

by: Sean Colleli -
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If you're in the mood for both crazy and hard-boiled fun this week, Steam has you covered. First on their midweek madness sale is Orcs Must Die, 75% off and only $3.74. The game combines strategy with endless horde-style action, letting you both use weapons against onslaughts of orcs and set deadly traps on the fly.

The second deal is LA Noire at the 50% off price of $14.99. While the game had a long and painful development cycle, the end result was a crime drama dripping with class, suspense and 40s atmosphere. The Steam version is the Complete Edition as well, so you get all the DLC included. I'm currently sleuthing my way through LA Noire and can personally guarantee that it's addictive, so if you missed it last year it might be time to put on that fedora.