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Origin celebrates spring, 50% off select titles till March 19

by: Travis -
More On: Mass Effect 2 Battlefield 3 Crysis 2 Batman: Arkham City Need for Speed: The Run Saints Row The Third
Origin, the digital download service from EA, has just begun a spring sale with over hundreds of digital games at 50% off till March 19. Some of the sale's highlights include Battlefield 3 for $30, Batman: Arkham City for $25, Saints Row: The Third for $25, Need for Speed: The Run for $20, Crysis 2 for $20, and Mass Effect 2 for $10. I would consider myself a strong supporter of Valve and Steam, but this latest Origin sale has quite a few tempting deals. If you've somehow missed out on the amazing space opera of Mass Effect 2, the current price point is an absolute steal for the amount of content. The other titles listed have also received positive reviews from our staff. To rummage through more of the sale items, head on over to the Origin spring sale page.