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Capcom acknowledges UMvC3 Vita DLC problems

by: Jeremy -
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Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 fans who picked up the new Vita version of the game last week may have noticed an issue with the DLC lineup available for the game. Despite the fact that the game lists the original Costume Pack and both downloadable characters (Suma Gorath and Jill Valentine) as being available, they are no where to be found in the Vita PSN storefront. Players who had purchased the content previously on either of the PS3 versions of the game have not been able to import the content into handheld version of the game despite being promised the ability to do so.

Capcom acknowledged the issue over the weekend and states the problem will be rectified with tomorrow’s PSN Store update. Supposedly, there were issues with ensuring that the original, vanilla MvC3 DLC was compatible with the Vita release. If you have already purchased the content for either the original or Ultimate versions of the the PlayStation 3 games, you will be able to download them at no additional cost after tomorrow’s store update. 

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