Max delivers more Payne with the Mini-30

by: Dan -
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A couple of Days ago, Rockstar released some images of the PC version of Max Payne 3 and they do look awfully nice. Yesterday, we caught a glimpse of some more of the firepower, with a short clip demonstrating the awesomeness that is the Mini-30 rifle. Sure, you can have those banditos running at you spraying bullets form their Uzi’s like a drunk at a Urinal, but you know the dude is just going to coat everything with little regard to accuracy and range. With the Mini-30, you get 20 rounds, deadly accuracy and a 100 meter killing zone. However, if the enemy gets a tad bit too close, just bust him in the chops and gut with the butt-stock before you put a hole in him. Check out the specs, Mini-30 trailer and a couple of images of the gun.

The Mini-30 Rifle Specs:
Caliber – 7.62 x 39mm
Capacity – 5/10/20 rounds
Range – 100 meters
Barrel Length – 18 ½”
Weight – 6.8 lbs