The new Medal of Honor has a name

by: John -
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And it shall be called Medal of Honor: Warfighter according to the latest issue of Xbox Magazine, Game Informer is reporting. Danger Close is back to developing the game and it'll take advantage of the Frostbite 2.0 engine that Battlefield 3 is running.

Another little bit of news is that the multiplayer is being developed in house. With the previous game, DICE helped with that part, but it looks like Danger Close is working both sides this time around.

So Medal of Honor was OK and I thought it was a good effort. It was good enough to garner a sequel, so let's hope Danger Close can pull it off this time around and make a high quality military shooter.

Word is if you're going to the Game Developer's Conference next month, like our own Chuck Husemann is, you'll be able to catch a look at the game.