Starhawk gets a limited edition

by: Jeremy -
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Not to be out-done by the other big-name games in the industry, Starhawk has its own Limited Edition bundle up its sleeve(s) for its May launch. When the game launches on May 8, there will be at least 2 different versions available in stores: the standard retail offering and the Limmited Edition.

Gamestop is offering free upgrades to the Limited Edition bundle with any and all pre-orders of the game. This special edition pack will contain the following:
  • Maw of Despair Outcast Pack: an additional cooperative mission for the game as well as additional multiplayer skins
  • Echo Scrapyard Rifter Pack: an exclusive player homeworld and additional multiplayer skins
  • Starhawk Concept Art PS3 theme: a special edition theme for your PlayStation 3 cross-media bar featuring conceptual art from the Starhawk universe
  • Warhawk PSOne download: free download token for the original PlayStation release of Warhawk
  • Official Starhawk Soundtrack: free download token for the digital version of Starhawk’s soundtrack through the PlayStation Network
What do you think? That doesn’t sound like a bad deal considering it won’t cost you any more than the standard edition if you preorder at Gamestop.