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Americans, your PSP UMDs won't be transferrable to the Vita

by: John -
More On: PlayStation Vita
So you got some UMDs in your old PSP collection and wish to play it on the Vita eh? You saw how the folks in Japan were able register their UMDs and grab them on the Vita for a price. Well, that UMD Passport program isn't coming to North America  unfortunately.

Kotaku got word from Sony that the the UMD Passport program isn't an option so you're going to be out of luck trying to register old UMDs to your account. No word as to why they won't be doing it, they just won't.

Now, I'd like to know if this affects any folks looking to pick up the Vita in a few weeks. Does it bother you? Does it matter? I would've liked to have seen the program migrated to other regions, so let's hope Sony changes their mind.