Trials Evolution teaser gives brief glimpse of what’s to come

by: Jeremy -
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Red Lynx doesn’t deny the fact that they had a hit on their hands with the XBLA version of Trials HD; surely the developers behind a title that racked up more the 2 million in sales has big plans for the sequel. Right? You bet they do!

Red Lynx is finally beginning to open up about their upcoming Trials Evolution after announcing the title at last year’s E3. The game is due out sometime this Spring on the Xbox Live Arcade courtesy of Ubisoft and a new trailer has surfaced which gives us our first glimpses of the new game. This may start off similar to the teaser trailer we saw for the game previously, but if you wait until the end you will get a few shots of what you can expect in the new game? Is that multiplayer races I see?!?!