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Modern Warfare 3 DLC season kicks off on PS3 2/28/12

by: Jeremy -
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It has been a long wait for fans of the PS3 version of Modern Warfare 3 when it comes to getting a hold of the game’s DLC, but that wait is almost over. Activision has announced that the Content Season for Elite Premium Members will kick off (finally) at the end of this month.

On February 28, the first 2 DLC packs of the content season will be released, consisting of the Liberation and Piazza maps. Remember, these items are available at no additional cost to Elite Premium members, while everyone else will have to wait even longer and pay for the maps individually. Meanwhile, Xbox 360 fans are anxiously awaiting news on the next DLC drop, as they have been playing on these maps for a few weeks.

Better late than never I guess...