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Gravity is a weapon in Inversion

by: Nathaniel -
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Yadda yadda Gears of War clone yadda yadda another tired cover shooter yadda yadda.

Yes, Inversion might be all of those things, but that not what I'm interested in.  I'm a big fan of outside of the box gimmicks that liven up tired Gears of War-clones and cover shooters.  Sure, there hasn't really been a good one yet (Anyone remember Fracture?), but we shouldn't hold that against Inversion.  The gravity manipulation honesty looks interesting to me, even if it doesn't to anyone else.   The following video, titled Gravity Slaughter, showcases how gravity manipulation will work in Inversion's multiplayer.

Inversion comes out in February or March (there seems to be some debate). 

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