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Capcom slashes Resident Evil Revelations to $39.99

by: Sean Colleli -
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Wait, Resident Evil Revelations isn't even out in America yet, right? That hasn't stopped Capcom from knocking 10 bucks off the MSRP, which has just gone from an eyebrow-raising $49.99 to the standard 3DS price of $39.99. Apparently fans were vocal enough about not buying Capcom's excuse that the original $50 was because the big 4GB card they were printing the game on was too expensive. In any case this at least gives you an extra Hamilton to put toward a Circle Pad pro.

In my personal opinion $40 still is too much for portable games anymore, especially with the ultra-cheapo mobile gaming market dominating these days. I never look a gift horse in the mouth and 10 bucks off is pretty nice, but with the endless shovelware on iOS going for a couple dollars, is the average consumer even willing to pay $40 for a portable game anymore, even if it (potentially) has a lot more content?

Whoa! Better not sprain my ankle on my way down from my soapbox.