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Maybe it won't be called the Wii U

by: John -
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The Wii's name is pretty synonmous with gamers even though when Nintendo first revealed the name, I remember a lot of people making fun of it.  Nintendo's preparing the Wii U for release the end of this year, but are they considering changing the name?

According to sources of CVG, they are indeed rethinking of the name for their next console. The console, with a big emphasis on a touchscreen controller, has been met with a lukewarm reception.

Remember the code-name for the Wii? Yup, the Revolution. I really liked that name and wished they would've stuck to that. The Wii U could go the same route, but the Wii U wasn't billed as a code-name as it was the official name. Now, with Nintendo rethinking that they might have to change the name to really differentiate from the Wii, one has to wonder what kind of names they are coming up with.

What would you name it?

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