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Watch the creation of an Awesomenaut in real-time...sorta

by: Russell -
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Give a man some coffee, it can raise his productivity.  Give a man too much coffee and...well, check out the video below.  It features an artist for the upcoming Awesomenauts game creating a piece of artwork that'll be featured in the game in less than five minutes in real time.  Pretty impressive stuff, and that's a lot of caffeine.

By the way, according to the press release, depending on what dimension you live in, this may not really be experienced as real time.  Still, awesome nonetheless.

Art Spotlight: Watch the creation of an Awesomenaut in real-time!

Utrecht, 01/26/2012 – We all know that caffeine can boost the productivity of an ordinary human being by a couple of percentages. The artists at Ronimo Games are no ordinary humans though, so caffeine boosts their productivity to super-human levels. To protect everyone around them, they’re not allowed to have any – but when the guys at Ronimo recently mistook a Latte for a Decaf, there was only one thing they could do… record what happened.

The artist in question took less than 5 minutes to create an artwork that is featured in the game as an introduction to the tutorial in Awesomenauts. Crammed into a droppod just before he is launched into battle, Sheriff Lonestar is being briefed by his contractor on the most important aspects of his mission: to destroy the Blue drillcore, and bring victory to the Reds!

Check out the real-time* process of drawing Lonestar to life at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kao1_wEqpoA.

No artists were harmed in any significant way during the creation of this footage.

*real-time may not be experienced as actual real-time in certain dimensions.