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News Roundup: Faces of War Neverend

by: Randy -
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Muchas gracias to the people at AtomicGamer and MMORPG.com for all the links.

Trailers, Screenshots

Previews, Reviews, Interviews
  • Legit Reviews sits down and has a chat with the XFX GeForce 2950 GT 570M Extreme video card. [AG]
  • MMORPG.com set up a couple interviews:  First with Howard Marks, CEO of Acclaim, about 2Moons and 9Dragons (do I detect a naming theme?); then another with Milko Berset and The Ryzom Ring.
  • ...And they get a hands-on preview of Fallen Earth, an MMO in what appears to take place near a post-apocalyptic trailer park. [MMORPG.com]
And the kicker...
  • America's Army: Special Forces v.2.70 is out now, clocking in at a hefty 2.6GB!