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Paradox Interactive announces new games for 2012

by: Travis -
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Following their recent convention in Stockolm, Sweden, Paradox Interactive have announced three new games that will be released throughout 2012. The titles include Magicka: The Other Side of the Coin, A Game of Dwarves, and Napoleon´s Campaigns II. The Other Side of the Coin is a new expansion for Magicka that will introduce vampires and necromancers and place gamers in the role of the bad guys for a change. A Game of Dwarves is a brand new title that has gamers managing a colony of dwarves in gathering resources and treasures, conducting research, and digging deeper into the depths of Earth. However, there will also be a threat of enemies in the deeper depths. Lastly, Napoleon’s Campaigns II will offer gamers the chance to return as Napoleon or one of 600 other historical leaders on their quest to conquer Europe.

Paradox Interactive Convention 2012: New Titles Announced!
Independent Publisher Cites Key Growth, Continues to Flourish

STOCKHOLM – January 24, 2012 – Paradox Interactive successfully wrapped up its annual two day convention last week, this year held in their beautiful and brisk hometown of Stockolm, Sweden, with the Swedish publisher and developer showcasing a slew of titles slated for release in 2012, as well as unveiling three previously unannounced projects.

Taking place inside Häringe Palace, Sweden’s most haunted castle, the independent publisher demonstrated that it’s not afraid of any ghosts, or embracing change, as it plans to release more titles outside of the strategy genre. Citing 75% growth in 2011 over 2010, Paradox Interactive is gearing up for yet another successful year.

Magicka: The Other Side of the Coin
For Our Next Magicka Trick, We’ll Pull an Expansion Out of Our Hat

Wizards are so last year, it’s all about vampires and necromancers these days. Magicka: The Other Side of the Coin, the latest announced expansion for indie hit Magicka, will place players in the shoes of the bad guys as they take on pesky wizards, elves, dwarves, and other annoying do-gooders. Using objective-based level progression a la Magicka: Vietnam, this soon-to-be latest addition to the franchise will show that it’s good to be evil sometimes.

A Game of Dwarves
People Might Get Short With You When You Play…A Game of Dwarves

Dwarves are known for drinking, digging, and developing complex settlements underground. Mostly just the drinking part though, with a hint of treasure hunting to boot.
A Game of Dwarves offers players the chance to experience all of these classic dwarven attributes as they take on the role of a dwarven prince who is charged with managing an entire colony of the bearded beings as they explore their surroundings to garner resources and treasures, conduct research that will help aid them dig and build, and level up to become powerful warriors or master craftsmen as they dig into the depths of the Earth on a quest to expand their settlement, find treasure, and take on powerful enemies hidden in the dark recesses of the world.
Can you dig it?

Napoleon´s Campaigns II
Napoleon’s Campaigns II Will Bring Europe to its Knees, Again.

Keeping with Paradox tradition, Napoleon’s Campaign II will mark the return of one of Europe’s greatest commanders in this new historical grand strategy title from Paradox France. Feature an extremely in-depth recollection of Napoleon’s greatest campaigns, including Egypt to Waterloo, strategy fans will have their hands full trying to take over Europe in this sequel to the acclaimed original. Play as the soldier turned emperor, or one of 600 other historical leaders, in this unequalled strategy game featuring the largest Napoleonic Europe map yet.