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RUMOR: Microsoft phasing out the point system, going with straight cash denominations

by: John -
More On: Xbox Live
One of the things I never enjoyed about the Xbox 360's online purchasing option is the use of the point system. Having to buy cards and such and spend it on items to utilize all your points was sometimes just a hassle. Yes, you could just save the points for later use, but what if I just want to buy something small? I don't want to have to pick up a larger point card to do it.

Rumor has it that Microsoft will look to phase out the point system and if so, I say it's about damn time. Through Google and Apple, you can just purchase items based on their cash value and not have to load up on points. This will make it in line with the them and I think Windows Phone lets you purchase items without points as well.

I'll be very happy once I'm able to buy a song or such for Rock Band without having to pick up a points card. Let's hope this comes true and it comes sooner rather than later.