Lara Croft: the original geocacher

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More On: Tomb Raider is going to collaborate with Crystal Dynamics on a series of Tomb Raider-themed urban treasure hunts.  Geocaching is, of course, the worlds largest "location-based real-world treasure hunting experience" with a community of over five million and growing.  Over the next year, Crystal Dynamics and will create a series of worldwide Geocaching challenges designed to embody the spirit of Lara Croft and the Tomb Raider series using traditional treasure hunts and Groundspeak's ('s parent company) more advanced photo-based Geocaching Challenges.  
So these challenges want to be like the Tomb Raider series, eh?  Does that mean they'll start out strong, get progressively weaker, then get rebooted as an origin story? For more details, you can follow the jump.

REDWOOD CITY, CA (Jan. 11, 2012) — Crystal Dynamics™, a Square Enix® studio, announces today that it’s working with, a Groundspeak® project, as part of its campaign for the upcoming release of TOMB RAIDER®. 

Geocaching represents a rapidly growing community of over five million participants seeking over 1.6 million active geocaches hidden globally in locations such as Times Square, the Berlin Wall, and Great Wall of China. Over the past 11 years, the team at has been busy creating the world’s largest location-based real-world treasure hunting experience. Millions of avid geocachers download’s mobile app or use a traditional GPS device to hunt for caches every month, documenting an average of over 180,000 geocaching experiences each day.

Through several initiatives over the coming year, Crystal Dynamics and will team up to create a series of unique location-based adventures embodying the spirit of TOMB RAIDER and Lara Croft™’s drive to become an explorer. To develop these adventures, Crystal Dynamics will use both the traditional treasure hunting format as well as Groundspeak’s latest photo-based adventure project, Geocaching Challenges.

“We are truly excited to be working on a series of exclusive gaming initiatives with Groundspeak,” said Karl Stewart, global brand director for TOMB RAIDER and Crystal Dynamics. “As a longtime fan of Geocaching, it’s the perfect fit for TOMB RAIDER and to be able to create a series of worldwide Geocaching treasure hunts for TOMB RAIDER is going to be a lot of fun.”

”Many of us have been playing TOMB RAIDER since the first game launched in 1996, and we are excited that is partnering with Crystal Dynamics on this project” said Jeremy Irish, CEO of Groundspeak. “TOMB RAIDER is all about exploration and discovery. It inspires the adventurer in all of us, much like geocaching does, and we are excited about the opportunities that this project presents for both geocachers and TOMB RAIDER fans worldwide.”
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