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Future Soldier becomes even more future

by: Nathaniel -
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Ubisoft has delayed the already delayed-once-or-twice game, Ghost Recon: Future Soldier.  It was due out March 6th, but now, perhaps because of Mass Effect 3 (which is also landing on March 6th), its release date has been pushed back May 22.  With Ubisoft's history of delaying games, this should come as no surprise.  It also means the multiplayer beta has been pushed back to April.  
I've always loved the Ghost Recon franchise, and GRAW 2 had one of the best single-player campaigns I've ever played (amazingly, I even found myself briefly in the top ten on the campaign score's worldwide leadboard).  Generally it's rare for multiplayer focused shooters to have really good single-player campaigns; hopefully Ghost Recon: Future Soldier will be able to pull off a repeat.  And now that it's coming out at about the same time I should be finishing Mass Effect 3, it won't be fighting a losing battle for my attention.
[via: gamesradar.com]