Diablo III is coming to the consoles

by: John -
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With all the rumors that were floating around, Blizzard has finally set the record straight. Yes, Diablo III is coming to the consoles. It won't be their first foray into the console with a Diablo game, but now a whole slew of folks can enjoy the clickfest that is Diablo.

But, no word on when it will be released nor what state it is in. A game like Diablo, I think, works well on a console as the controls can lend itself well to this type of game.

One of the big features for Diablo is the ability to sell and buy goods, so we'll have to so see if that makes it into the console version. My best guess is that that feature will be omitted, but you never know. You can probably also cross cross-platform play off the list on the Xbox version, but the PS3 version is a distinct possibility as shown by the Valve team. Then again, we don't even know which console it will come out on if it's one or all three.

So, good to see Diablo getting the console release. I do hope more come from Blizzard as more than just PC gamers should enjoy the great games they produce.