Aliens: Colonial Marines special edition leaked, maybe

by: Nathaniel -
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As you can see in the pic below, it's an Aliens fanboy's dream.  Along with the model of a xenomorph climbing one of those power-loader exoskeleton thingies, it comes with some sort of old-school action figure diorama, and the SE gold standard: bonus guns that in the grand scheme of things, probably won't be very good beyond your first few hours of playtime.  Oh, and it also comes with a new game mode called USCM Academy Firing Range which is awesome and strangely something I thought Gearbox should have included in their Brother in Arms franchise six years ago (Gearbox is making Aliens: Colonial Marines, also, icydak).  The only problem is that none of this had been confirmed by the game's publisher, SEGA; so it could all be an elaborate hoax, but it's probably not just by virtue of the fact that it seems like every week things like that get leaked and they're almost always real.  Last I heard, Aliens: Colonial Marines is still set for release this spring, so I'm sure we'll find out sooner rather than later.
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