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Information warfare featured in latest MechWarrior Online blog entry

by: Travis -
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Piranha Games has sent word that the second entry in the MechWarrior Online developer blog is now available for eager fans. This entry explores many of the details concerning the flow of information on the battlefield. The newest feature to be revealed is the BattleGrid, which is described as a combination of a command center and dynamic war map for players.
The BattleGrid will be a usable part of your HUD that can set waypoints and show markers for friendly and enemy units. Other topics discussed in the blog entry include mech customization modules, targeting other units, and how mechs are detected in battle. Be sure to visit the official MechWarrior Online blog for all the details. As a fan of the MechWarrior series, I simply can't wait to pilot some more mechs on the battlefield.
MechWarrior Online is scheduled for a release on Windows PC this summer.

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