XBL Avatars are a little friendlier this year

by: Jeremy -
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The dawn of a new year is going to bring about a little change to the world of Xbox Live, particularly in the area of avatars. Effective January 1, 2012, gun-like props have disappeared from the Xbox Live Marketplace. Items such as the Gears of War Lancer and Hammerburst are no longer available for purchase and will not be offered again. If you happen to have purchased such an item prior to the change, you can still use it to decorate your Avatar as you see fit.

On a personal note: sn’t this taking the concept of censorship a little overboard? It isn’t like the characters were toting glocks and 9MM handguns; pretty much every weapon offered with an iconic weapon from a major game. How long is it going to be before they deem swords and knives unacceptable too and go after the lightsabers?

Source: Joystiq