Syndicate dives deep with this new co-op video

by: Nathaniel -
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Four players are all set to dive deep into Syndicate's co-op.  This video gives you a taste of the action.  As per Syndicate trailer usual, it's brutal and looks awesome.  But do you want to know what is far less awesome?  It's the utterly generic and stereotypical co-op characters the trailer highlights.  It's the same "dude, chick, Asian, and meathead" template almost every action game uses at some point.  Furthermore, their names are truly lol-worthy.  One of the hardest parts of writing fiction is trying to invent names that don't sound like they were spawned by a random letter generator or the mind of an eight-year-old.  Syndicate manages to nail both those unwanted name qualities right on the head.  But that's OK, we don't game because of the awesome names do we?  We game for the reason readily apparent in the trailer: BECAUSE ITS AWESOME!  Syndicate is out next month.  Silly names or not, I'm looking forward to it.  

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Syndicate Deep Dive: Co-op Trailer
The corporate landscape of 2069 is a dangerous one, and some missions just aren’t possible to tackle alone. Enter an elite squad of 4 Agents, where working cooperatively with your team and an array of weapons and breaching applications is a necessity for success.