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PlayStation Vita second week sales nosedive in Japan

by: Dan -
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You have to wonder if Sony execs are getting a bit nervous about the prospects of the Sony PlayStation Vita after The Telegraph reported this morning that second week sales in Japan were down substantially.  How much?  Try a 78% drop in sales week over week as only 72.5K Vitas were sold in Week 2 after having over 325K sold in release week, including 321K in the first two days.   In fact, the PSP3000 actually outsold the Vita by 29K units.  Ouch.
It is possible that the decrease could be blamed on normal growing pains associated with a launch, but based on the figures and when the units were sold, it looks like the early converters went out and got one, while the rest of Japan is taking a wait and see approach.

As John mentioned in his original sales post last week, it’s not how you get out of the gate, but how you sustain over the long haul.  Sony execs have been steadfast in saying that they will not drop the price, but if the Japan sales figures foreshadow a similar situation in North America next year, you have to think that the Vita will get a price drop from $249 to $199 fairly quickly.