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Voltar the Omniscient revealed as sixth Awesomenaut

by: Travis -
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DTP Entertainment and Ronimo Games have revealed the sixth and final Awesomenaut known as Voltar the Omniscient. Voltar is literally a brain-in-a-vat who used to be a great scientist that had his entire body destroyed in a space station explosion. Now Voltar survives with his brain inside a Braintank that allows for the use of powerful psychotechnic powers. He also has the ability to call on his own personal robots for aid in battle.
The developers note that Voltar is simply the final launch character and that more will be added after the game's release. Awesomenauts will be available early next year for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Included below are a trailer and gameplay footage of Voltar the Omniscient in action.

All Brains, no brawn: Voltar the Omniscient revealed!
Today, dtp entertainment and Ronimo Games revealed the sixth and final Awesomenaut to be included in the playable roster at launch: a mysterious brain-in-a-vat known as Voltar the Omniscient. Over 500 years ago, Voltar was a brilliant scientist who worked at an intergalactic power station. A sudden explosion destroyed nearly his entire body, leaving only his ingenious brain intact. This remnant was salvaged and carefully placed in a Braintank, preserving his mind for all time.
Throughout the years, and with the help of his loyal robot drones, Voltar made some nifty modifications to his Braintank that enabled him to participate in the newly erupted robot wars. No-one knows his true motives for participating in this conflict as a mercenary, but what can be assured is that he’s a mastermind with unmatched psychotechnic powers and an arsenal of armed robots that do his every bidding.
Though Voltar is the sixth and final playable character to be revealed for Awesomenauts before release, more characters will be added to the game over time after Awesomenauts has launched.

More info on Voltar and his abilities can be found on the official Awesomenauts Homepage: http://www.awesomenauts.com