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These French tanks never surrender

by: Nathaniel -
More On: World of Tanks
I want to play World of Tanks.  I love tanks; my favorite part of any videogame is the tank mission (and games that don't have them just should - yes, even Skyrim).  Games that let me hop in any tank I come across are even better.  I don't know if World of Tanks really fits any of my tank-based criteria, and probably never will because of some inscrutable disagreement between my PC and WoT's install procedure.  I'd take the time to figure it out, but I have better things to do than deal with tech support, and "the guy I know that helps everyone with their computer" doesn't exist.  So it's no World of Tanks for me. *sad face*
Anyway, enjoy this introduction to the world of French tanks, coming soon to a World of Tanks battle near you.

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