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Sony Vita Japanese launch hitting some snags

by: Dan -
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Sometimes it is a good thing when a new gaming console/handheld is launched in a different country than the U.S., as it gives someone else the chance to find any bugs that may hinder the launch.  The latest example is last weekend’s PlayStation Vita launch in Japan.  Although moderate sales figures for the opening weekend were not a disappointment, there comes word from Sony itself that the Vita has several launch bugs that need correcting.  In the apology issued by Sony earlier today, there has been four main bugs/issues identified with the Japanese launch of the Vita (here they are from the sketchy Bing translator):
-No power (Issues turning the Vita on)
-Freeze / cakes during the operation. (Frozen screens)
-Wrong position / location data cannot be retrieved (GPS and location data issues)
-PSN account cannot register in the initial Setup screen (PSN account issues)
Frankly, this really isn’t a big deal as all launches have some minor bugs and issues associated with them.  I would put all four of these in that category and imagine they should all be ironed out long before the Vita hits U.S. Soil in 2012.