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The Vita sells over 300,000 units in the first two days

by: John -
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Japan finally saw the release of the Sony PlayStation Vita and how well did it do? Well, it sold 321,400 units in the first two days, which put it a little behind what the 3DS did in its first two days. Not bad for a $250 device.

Now, of course it's not how it did initially, but how well it's going to do in the long haul. With a $250 price tag, it might be tough to sustain any good sales rate and we've yet to see how well it's going to do in other markets, of course.

I still haven't heard of anyone around me itching to buy one. It seemed like a nice little device at E3 when I handled it, but I was never a fan of the previous Sony handheld and I wasn't going to pick this one up either. Still, I hope the Vita does succeed and we see solid support for the device. I won't be surprised though if the Vita doesn't sell well in the first few months and we see a quick price cut, ala the 3DS.