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Cousins kiss in the Crusader Kings II "lust" trailer

by: Travis -
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Paradox Interactive has released the third video in their seven deadly sin series for the upcoming medieval strategy and RPG Crusader Kings II. The game will offer players the chance to rule a dynasty in which decisions such as who and who not to have sex with will result in great consequences on the gameplay outcome. Also, don't forget about the possibility of bastard children trying to claim the throne. Ruling a dynasty sounds like it will be quite a stressful affair with all of the seven deadly sins to keep in mind.
Crusader Kings II will be available exclusively for PC on February 7, 2012. The previous videos in the seven deadly sin series can be found after the break.
Crusader Kings II “Lust” Trailer Released!
The Seven Deadly Sins continue. Will our King survive them all?

NEW YORK – December 16, 2011 – Paradox Interactive today let slip Crusader Kings II - Seven Deadly Sins: Lust, the third of its uniquely affordable live action trailers for medieval strategy / RPG Crusader Kings II. Also, the sexiest.
Since Crusader Kings II sees players controlling not a country but a ruling dynasty, sex, just like in real life, couldn't be more important.
Failure to raise a suitable heir could face you with a Game Over screen, while especially virile kings might find a romantic affair shattering the reputation of their entire nation.
Which is to say nothing of bastard children! Having leaked from your loins they have a stronger claim to your throne than most, which would make them a worryingly influential enemy. Oh dear!
You'll find the new trailer Crusader Kings II: Lust here:
View the Envy trailer here:
View the Wroth trailer here:
Crusader Kings II, is slated for a launch on February 7th 2012 for 39,99 USD
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