Nightmares come free with this Diablo 3 costume

by: Jeremy -
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Cosplaying is a funny thing. There are usually two categories of cosplayers: those who create marginally familiar looking costumes, which are laughable but recognizable in terms of the characters they represent and those who poor their hearts, soul, and wallet into creating the most accurate representation of a character possible. This is an example of the latter.

Say hello to Joshua James Smith, aka YouTube user monstercreators2010. Josh is a huge fan of sci-fi and fantasy games and has been creating costumes and props for the genre for years. One of his latest creations, of a Demon from Diablo 3, may be his best work yet. Check out the video below for some footage of this amazing costume that he crafted. This thing is both a phenomenal work of art and possibly the scariest costume I have ever seen: