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The Last of Us: Sony’s big VGA reveal

by: Jeremy -
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Sony had a big reveal set for the VGA’s this past weekend. Even though we had all heard rumors and speculation regarding the Last of Us heading into the show, none of us had a clue as to what to expect with the title. The Last of Us was revealed to be Naughty Dog’s latest project and appears to be a trip into the apocalypse.

The game looks a bit like the film “I Am Legend” as the world has succumbed to an unusual fungal growth. The dangerous fungus has wiped out a huge portion of the Earth’s population and infected many of those who remain alive, turning them into crazed monstrosities with an apparent thirst for blood and death. The game is going to play out like a survival horror title where the focus is on survival by any means necessary.

While it hasn’t been confirmed, there is an apparent possibility of the game having a heavy cooperative focus as their are two main characters present who appear to work together. I don’t think that anyone would argue with having the ability to play through the entire adventure with a friend. We hope to learn plenty more about the Last of Us as we head into 2012.

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