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MechWarrior Online developer blog details faction warfare and ranks

by: Travis -
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Piranha Games has released a new developer diary for its upcoming free-to-play MechWarrior Online that spills the nuts and bolts about the game's Inner Sphere, faction warfare, loyalty points, and ranks. The game takes place in the universe of Inner Sphere that is being designed to pass time in similar fashion with real life. Thus, every day players can receive news updates both in the game or through a RSS feed about current events, battle feeds, and a dynamic map of Inner Sphere.
The next concepts discussed in the developer diary include details about the game's faction warfare in which players can join a faction, mercenary corporation, or remain a lone wolf in the battle to gain control of planets for resources. Lastly, a system of loyalty points and ranks will be rewarded to players for ongoing participation in the game's universe of Inner Sphere. Loyalty points and rewards can be lost if players don't stay active in battles for planets. For further details, read the complete post on the game's developer blog.
MechWarrior Online is planned for an exclusive PC release in 2012.
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