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News Roundup: Final Robotopia Fantasy

by: Randy -
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Thanks to AtomicGamer for being anything but the weakest link; and thanks to Apolyton Civilization Site and GamersInfo for their links as well.

  • The online (as well as single-player) 2-D sidescroller Robotopia puts out a brightly colored demo. [AG]
Trailers, Videos
  • Final Fantasy XII blows its proverbial wad by releasing five movies: one, two, three, four, five! [AG]
  • Urban environments.  Delta forces.  Terrorist factions.  Parabellum trailer. [AG]
  • The latest "mini-trailer" for Just Cause is ready to start a coup. [AG]
  • Half Life 2 Episode 2 trailer 5.  The saga continues. [AG]
  • The fifth and final part to Apolyton's "Prototyping for Civilization IV" series is available, illustrating units taking too long to move, and ends with a musical montage of ApolyCon '06 attendees and guests. [ACS]
  • GamersInfo reports from the Austin Game Conference on Guitar Hero 2 and the casual (puzzles, cards, etc.) gaming site, Pogo.com. [GI]