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Strike at Karkand offers enhanced destruction, this trailer proves it

by: Nathaniel -
More On: Battlefield 3
Beyond the usual complaints that sequels to popular online shooters, in this case, Battlefield 3, get revolving around words like "nerf," "noob," and "overpowered," there was one that didn't stink of They Changed It, Now It Sucks (warning: don't follow the previous link unless you have the next 8-24 hours of your life to spare).  Namely, it was the lack of the same amount of destruction seen in the BF: Bad Company spinoffs.  Well, Battlefield 3's first expansion, called Strike at Karkand seeks to rectify that issue; and if the following video is to be believed, it 100% delivers.  Check it out, unless you can wait until December to see for yourself.  Those adverse to masonry abuse may want to look away. 

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