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EVE Online gets the Crucible on November 29th

by: Sean Colleli -
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If you’re a fan of the web’s most successful interactive spreadsheet (I kid, I kid), then you’ll be happy to know EVE Online is getting its 15th free expansion pack. Dubbed the Crucible, it’s based mostly on player feedback and is a significant overhaul of the game. In addition to general reworkings of the graphics, gameplay mechanics and interface, the update will include four fan-designed battle cruisers, time dilation to keep gameplay fair during large battles and three new captain’s quarters designs for the game’s various factions. Stay tuned for more details in the coming week.

EVE Online: Crucible is coming15th free expansion for EVE is set for November 29th
Within EVE Online's eternal crucible of warfare, politics and industry, even the most passionate and skilled are tested.
November 29th, 2011 will witness impressive evolutions in EVE Online's graphics, interface and game mechanics with over three dozen updated and improved features based on feedback and challenges put forth by its passionate player community.
This is EVE reforged.
The global melting-pot/universe of player personalities sees a melting pot of improvements to match as CCP laser focuses on getting back to basics with its infamous internet spaceships.
Some of the major improvements players are lauding:
• Four fan-designed battlecruisers built to deliver swift and effective destruction to the opposition
• Over a dozen stunningly remade nebulae, changing the look and feel of EVE's universe completely
• Other fan-favorite graphical improvements such as engine trails, warp tunnels and shadows
• Time dilation in fleet flights -- adjusting time itself to keep fairness alive when hundreds of players face off against each other
• 3 new factional captain's quarters with unique, artistic looks
• A significant ship rebalancing effort, to bring greater diversity and balance to large and small scale conflicts
• A lot of small changes -- from fonts to UI to Doomsday devices to PvE tweaks
Next week we'll have a larger breakdown of the features and changes available for press.
More information is available at the Crucible feature page at www.eveonline.com/crucible and that page will see regular updates as Crucible's launch grows closer.