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Magicka is free this weekend on Steam

by: Nathaniel -
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That's right, free; you didn't read that wrong.  Beginning today anyone unfortunate enough not to have played Magicka yet can try it out for free on Steam.  Yeah.

To go along with this try-for-free period, Magicka will go on sale at 10am PST on November 21.  You'll be able to pick the indie hit and its DLC for up to 75% off.  Double yeah.  

And out today is a new dev Q&A video starring Johan Pilestedt and Shams Jorjani; in it, they discuss the upcoming expansion Magicka: The Stars Are Left.

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Obliterate Your Buddies on the Cheap – Magicka Goes Free this Weekend on Steam

Indie Hit Also Goes on Sale, New Developer Q&A Video Released!

NEW YORK – November 17, 2011 – It’s one thing to completely annihilate your friends in glorious magical combat, whether on accident or on purpose, and another thing to completely annihilate your friends in glorioius magical combat FOR FREE.
No, wait a moment, on second thought it’s actually the same thrilling annihilation…but at least it’s cheaper!

Paradox Interactive announced that starting today, the untainted masses who have yet to experience death-by-typo in Magicka can try the award-wanting game for free this weekend on Steam.

Coinciding with the free weekend on Steam, Paradox has also announced that Magicka will be on sale until 10am PST on November 21. Mages new to the club can pick up the indie hit and DLC at discounts up to 75% off, leaving you plenty of leftover moolah to buy that Wizards for Dummies book you always wanted.

Beat up goblins, trolls, & other guys prancing around in bathrobes acting as wizards here: http://store.steampowered.com/app/42910/

In commemoration of Magicka’s weekend-long massacre, Arrowhead Studios has released a new developer Q&A video where Johan Pilestedt and Shams Jorjani speaks about the upcoming expansion Magicka: The Stars Are Left.

View the video Q&A here: