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News Roundup: World Series of Texas Poker Hold'Em

by: Randy -
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The AtomicGamer never sleeps!  Thanks for all the links, fellas.

Reviews, Trials
  • You gotta know when to Texas Hold'Em.  And AtomicGamer let's you know when to fold'em.
  • The sci-fi massively-multiplayer RTS Infinity Empires is sending out 7-day trial hooks.
Trailers, Screenshots
  • Welcome to the company.  Company of Heroes opens up trailer #1.
  • Nature calls.  Here's the (alternate) Island Trailer for Call of Duty 3.
  • Strong enough for a man -- Ph balanced for a trailer: Phantasy Star Universe.
  • Half empty, or half full?  Half Life 2 Episode 2 pours out gameplay trailer #4.
  • And the best use of game physics goes to: Crazy Machines 2.  Puzzle together this quickie trailer.
  • FIFA la revolucion!  Here's a futbol trailer for FIFA 2007.
  • Well, I personally don't get it, but if you wanna see screenshots of a bunch of people sitting around a table trying not to make faces, then here's some World Series of Poker: Tournament of Champions.
  • So I'm tired of World War II shooters.  So what.  It's time for me to shut up when it looks this goodCall of Duty 3, everyone.