Syndicate has 4-player co-op - see it in action

by: Nathaniel -
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As if the single player video we've seen wasn't brutal enough, Syndicate's four-player co-op multiplies that by four for, like, 4x the brutality.  In this video called "New England" we see four agents breaking into Eurocorp's headquarters to steal their technology.  Some of you might remember that Eurocorp is the employer of the single-player protagonist Miles Kilo, so hopefully that means the co-op will expand on the narrative rather than just providing areas full of enemies for and your buddies to make bleed in creative ways.  Syndicate is due out in February.

Would you like to know more?  Our very own Charles Husemann was able to interview Syndicate Producer Jeff Gamon last month.  In case you missed it then, you can read it right now.

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